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Hogan Personality Assessments

Increase your confidence in your human resource practices with the employee personality and cognitive ability reports from Hogan Assessments. All Hogan reports suggest a person’s natural advantages, or “edges”, and their potential problem areas, or “risks” in a job or business setting. These valuable reports are based on tests scientifically designed for the workplace and rigorously validated with populations of working adults.

Hogan Products: Fueled by the powerful data collected by our assessments, our reports are designed to address your needs, from selection and high-potential identification to executive-level development.

HoganSelect        Make Informed Hiring DecisionsHogan Assessments
HoganDevelop   Grow Key Talent
HoganLead          Take Leadership to the Next Level
Hogan Team        Craft Your Dream Team

Hogan Assessments: Predict Performance: People don’t always fit in a box. Our four assessments offer the range of measurement required to understand people’s strengths, weaknesses, values, and approach to problem solving and accurately predict performance.

HPI          Hogan Personality Inventory
HDS        Hogan Development Survey
MVPI       Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory
HBRI       Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory

Judgment     Armed with this powerful knowledge, participants can improve their decision-making and judgment.

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For the last 20 years we have been a leading distributor & training provider of Hogan Assessments!

PPI chose Hogan instruments over many others because they meet our criteria for excellence in workplace assessment, including rigorous scientific standards and no adverse impact.

We help our HR clients, coaches and consultants implement Hogan reports for candidate selection, development and career counseling. Our service is prompt and personalized, consistently winning high marks year after year from our customer satisfaction surveys.