Engaging Leader Report

Hogan Engaging Leader Report

Leadership is the ability to build and maintain a high performing team, and is the fundamental resource for team survival and effectiveness. Engagement is the tie that binds the leader to a high performing team. Great leaders engage followers, and harness their energy to perform to their highest ability.   Engaging Leader Sample Report


A team’s engagement is the single greatest indicator of its potential success or failure. From making money to winning wars, the most engaged teams prosper. The strongest influence on an individual’s engagement is his or her direct boss. As a leader, you influence your employees’ performance and your team’s success.

The Engaging Leader Report is made up of three equally important sections:

  • Who you are: Your values impact the type of culture you create for your team and how employees relate to your underlying motives.
  • How you behave:  Your personality determines how you set goals and establish clarity, how you create team processes, what sort of team climate you create, and how you foster an agile and open culture.
  • How you affect your team:  Who you are and how you behave impacts overall engagement and team performance.

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Distributed by Performance Programs, Inc.

Distributed by Performance Programs, Inc.