Custom Surveys and Design

Custom Surveys and Design

We can work with your experts or develop an assessment for you!


Custom Surveys & Design by Performance Programs

Our staff of Industrial Psychologists and Statisticians work every day on creation and implementation of thoughtful assessments.

Typical services include the who, what, when, where, how and why.

  • Who should be asked questions – who has the best insight into the issue?
  • What questions should be asked – what information do we need to obtain?
  • When should this information be sought – what is the right timing?
  • Where can we find people who can answer these questions? How can we get to the right people?
  • How should those questions be asked? – Web, paper survey, interview?
  • Why is this an important topic to study? What are the implications of the results?

And we can generate a paper survey or create the survey for online use!

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