Report Interpretation

Report Interpretation


We have a great deal of experience explaining results of assessments, and we speak the language of our clients. We know how to interpret results patterns, and how to integrate results across different assessments. We can help put assessment results in context.

We work with you and/or your client, typically by phone or by webinar/screen share, to explain the results.

Recent request from our consultants and their clients:

  • I’ve never seen a Hogan profile like this – can you help me interpret it?
  • Will you speak to our Senior Team about the composite of their results?
  • What are some recommendations you can make based on this 360?
  • Are our results typical? What does the comparison to the norms tell you?
  • Would you recommend this person for this position?
  • Could you do a telephone debrief with me and this person?

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