Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Our CSAT survey was developed to offer our clients a standardized survey that would offer some flexibility at a cost effective approach.

First, we work with you to identify your needs. Specifically, what are you looking to measure?
Second, we must determine what is the best approach to deploy your customer satisfaction program. The best approach to deploy your program and how often, in most cases, will depend on what your needs are.
Third, we collect, process, and analyze your customer responses, and provide you with a report of the results. And lastly, if necessary, we can help you make sense of the information.

Most of the organizations we work with choose to customize their customer/client surveys to satisfy certain needs or outcomes or simply because of style preferences. Every organization is unique. However, common to all organizations is the need to obtain answers to the basic questions above. Generally, from our experiences in developing customer satisfaction surveys for our clients, we realized that no matter how you ask it, the same basic questions were being asked.

This survey measures the following themes:

Overall Satisfaction
Are your customers/clients satisfied with the service you deliver?
Are they likely to do business with you in the future?

Delivering Quality Service
Was service delivered to your customers/clients professionally, accurately,
and in a timely manner?

Matching Client / Customer Expectations
Did your performance meet customer/client expectations?
Did you deliver on what is important to them?