Employee Opinion Surveys

Employee Opinion Survey

PPI’s Standard Employee Opinion Survey measures key indicators of a healthy workplace, such as employee engagement, commitment, satisfaction with work, communications, teamwork, fairness, coworkers, leadership, and management. It is based on the many custom employee surveys we’ve written and has been used by numerous industries, including nonprofits.

what do your employees think

Our Employee surveys will tell you!

  • 65 standardized questionnaire items
  • Up to five customized questions
  • Up to five demographic categories for reporting: (including Department, Length of Employment, Location)
  • Two open-ended questions

A full set of benchmark norms is an option with your survey.

Standard surveys are available in English (U.S. and U.K.), Spanish, Canadian and Parisian French, German, and Italian. We have conducted multilingual surveys in as many as 15 languages simultaneously.

Topics include:
Commitment to your organization and its goals. This dimension, when combined with Satisfaction (see next section), indicates overall group morale.

Satisfaction of your employees. Do they consider your organization a good place to work? Do they plan on staying?

Communications: Are people aware of upcoming changes? Is information timely, accurate and understandable? Jobs and day-to-day activities: What is the personal morale of employees?

Your organization’s culture and how employees perceive fairness, participation, involvement, teamwork, and innovation.

Organizational leadership and the management-employee dynamic: Are employees confident in your organization’s leadership? Do your leaders have the skills to lead? Have managers earned employees’ respect?
In addition to providing the employee survey questionnaire on the Internet or on paper, PPI provides data entry or integration, comment transcription, project administration, and an overall report–all in one base price.