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High Achieving Women

Choosing between an Entrepreneurial or Corporate Career Single Business Women

The SuiteSpot Report is designed to help women who aim for leadership positions to make more informed decisions about their suitability to corporate or entrepreneurial careers. The report is based on original research that establishes a baseline for high achieving women in both the corporate executive suite and the entrepreneurial world.  Sample Report

The report is based on original research conducted by business psychologists Dr. Wendy Rothman and Dr. Paul Connolly. The researchers defined corporate high achievers as managing a P&L of $250 million or more. They defined entrepreneurial high achievers as building a business to at least $5 million in revenue. Seventy-two study participants took three validated personality and motivation tests published by Hogan Assessments.

“These women tend to make a difference in everything they do,” says Wendy Alfus-Rothman. “They have bigger budgets, higher goals, manage more people, are more visible. Pointing them towards their track of peak effectiveness has enormous implications for the employer, co-workers, subordinates, and many other stakeholders. Large numbers of people are affected by their competency and suitability to their leadership roles.”

To learn more about the study, click here for a free research report titled:
Extraordinary Businesswomen: Choosing Between An Entrepreneurial Or Corporate Career