Leadership Effectiveness

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Leadership Derailment: What we know is that perhaps two-thirds of the people currently in leadership positions will fail; they will then be fired, demoted, or kicked upstairs. The most common reason for their failure will be their inability to build or maintain a team. Their inability to build a team is typically a function of certain dysfunctional interpersonal tendencies that can be identified through the HoganLead process.

Leadership Significance: Leadership is the most important topic in the social, behavioral, and organizational sciences. When good leadership prevails, organizations and people prosper. Bad leadership is almost always accompanied by corporate corruption and business disasters.

We offer the following Leadership Assessments:

HoganLead identify strengths and developmental needs of a manager or executive

Hogan EQ assesses emotional intelligence

Hogan Insight for Supervisors & Managers

Hogan Leader Focus   provides insight into six leadership dimensions that influence leadership style and effectiveness

Hogan Judgment  a new and comprehensive approach to assessing judgment and decision-making styles.

Agile Leader  analyze your current conditions and set the path for successful leadership in the future.

Cardinal Leadership provides insight & feedback for developing the heart and soul of a leader

Residency Select for Physicians & Residents