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The Hogan Judgment Model represents a new and comprehensive approach to assessing judgment and decision-making styles. Unlike previous approaches, our model includes a critical component most models miss: how a leader reacts to feedback about his or her failed decisions. This means the decision-making process does not finish once a decision has been made – it is only completed after the leader evaluates the outcome, especially when the goal was not achieved. The underlying rationale is that to improve one’s judgment, one needs to learn from experience and receive negative feedback about one’s performance.

Judgment Brochure                                   Judgment Sample Report

Our judgment model advances current thinking by including:

  • two brief information-processing measures related to verbal and numerical reasoning
  • three independent scales that assess non-cognitive attributes that influence how an individual approaches decisions
  • an assessment of post-decision reactions, including responses to negative feedback.

Information Processing

  • Verbal vs. Numeric

Decision-Making Approach

  • Threat Avoidance vs. Reward Seeking
  • Tactical vs. Strategic Thinking
  • Data-Driven vs. Intuitive Decisions

Reactions to Feedback

  • Defensive vs. Cool-Headed
  • Denial vs. Acceptance
  • Superficial vs. Genuine Engagement

 ** The Judgement assessment has 3 sections: a timed (10 minutes) 15 item section measuring numerical ability, a timed (2 minutes) 48 item section measuring verbal ability, and an untimed section on how information is used.

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