Focus Energy Balance Indicator

Focus Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI)

FEBI® is the only validated personality assessment and coaching tool that measures four fundamental energy patterns linking mind, body and behavior. These patterns connect four ways the nervous system functions with four factors of personality and four essential modes of leadership. No other assessment is as descriptive and prescriptive in helping clients reclaim the energy they need.

What you’ll learn from the FEBI Report:

  • Your Overall Energy Profile, including the order and extent to which you engage each of the four patterns.
  • Your Energy Style, including primary and backup styles which contribute to your agility.
  • How you use the energy patterns in everyday Work Behaviors.
  • Your Energy Risk Area(s), and how those might show up in life, work, and leadership.

A comprehensive set of development recommendations that help you reclaim any pattern you could use more of.

If you’re a coach or development professional, you can get certified to deliver and coach with FEBI in a convenient e-learning course that you can start anytime.

You can also bring FEBI to leaders or teams in your organization with ready-to-go FEBI-based programs offered by Focus Leadership.

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Focus Energy Balance Indicator