Other Training

PPI Partner Training Programs

Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) 360 Training
Learn how to use and interpret the LVI with its lead developer,Dr. Rob Kaiser. Rob is the developer of the LVI and the author of “The Versatile Leader”

Ambiguity Architect (AA) 360 Training
Developed by Randall P. White Ph.D. and Philip Hodgson. Randy and his associates look at how leaders can understand their ability to function amid uncertainty.

Cardinal Leadership Inventory (CLI) Training
Your effectiveness as a leader ~ Character matters!  Eric Kail, Ph.D. (Col, US Army) created this assessment, validated at West Point with several recent classes of cadets.

Focus Energy and Balance Indicator (FEBI) Training
Practitioners: Make the FEBI Coaching Tool Your Own.  Ginny Whitelaw, Ph.D. is the developer of the Focus Energy and Balance Indicator and the author of “Move to Greatness”.

Global Mindset Inventory (GMI) Training
Preparing leaders to think in a way that opens international opportunities. Mansour Javidan, Ph.D. and other international experts at Thunderbird University offer certification on the use of the GMI.

Overseas Assessment Inventory (OAI) Training
The ability to adapt to other cultures is critical to the success of international assignments. A two-day certification for clients who want to utilize the tool as part of their internal assessment and selection processes.