Cardinal Leadership Training

Cardinal Leadership Inventory Training

The Cardinal Leadership Inventory® (CLI) assesses leadership that goes beyond what leaders do and provides insight and feedback for developing the heart and soul of a leader.

The CLI measures six critical facets of leadership character essential to effective, life changing leadership.

The elements of character assessed by the CLI are:

  • Courage: your moral resilience and bravery under pressure
  • Integrity: how well you life reflects you values
  • Selflessness: placing the needs of the organization and your followers above your own
  • Empathy: understanding others’ perspectives, leveraging diversity for high performing teams
  • Collaboration: building peer networks and seeing the big picture
  • Reflection: translating performance into potential by learning from experience

Currently used to assess and develop leaders of character at West Point, the CLI provides each leader with detailed feedback and a framework for a personal leader development plan.

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