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You have an online assessment; you have collected a large amount of data…. What next?   There is very likely some hidden intelligence in the aggregate data and mining the data can reveal useful and interesting nuggets.  Our staff of organizational psychologists, programmers and statisticians can help you identify what you can learn from your data.

Some examples of the types of analyses that could be performed are:

  • Identifying competencies (across the entire data set of participants) that are at the extreme – highest/lowest, least-used/most-used. What does this subset of competencies tell us?
  • Investigating whether relationships exist between a participant’s scores and his/her demographics (age group, gender, organizational level).
  • Generating norms, and incorporating the norms in the report.
  • Assessing the assessment – identify weak items, compute scale reliabilities and factor structures
  • Analyzing comments submitted by users to tease out themes not adequately captured by the ratings.


~ 2019 Dates in Boston, MA! Contact us for details!

~ Onsite Hogan Training also available !


~ Tuesday April 30, 2019:   8:30 am – 10:30 am EST

~ Tuesday May 21, 2019:   8:30 am – 10:30 am EST

Do I have to get certified more than once, for instance if I use a new report or move companies? No, once you have successfully completed the certification process, you are authorized to use our tools forever. Advanced certification training and refresher webinars are available for continuous learning.

At Performance Programs we are all about assessments! 

Well-designed assessments can provide awareness, which can lead to well targeted actions that can improve performance.  We are a versatile source for HR and talent management.

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