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Focus Energy Balance Indicator ™ (FEBI)

The FEBI looks at the bridge between the physical body, the mind and behavior. It demonstrates a powerful link between movement and temperament and identifies ways that physical changes can lead to pervasive changes in human behavior--as well as the impact those physical changes can have. The four patterns and their application to personality, teams, organizations and general human behavior is addressed in detail in the book, Move to Greatness by Dr. Ginny Whitelaw and Betsy Wetzig.

What you will learn from the Comprehensive Report:
  • Your Energy Balance Profile across all four energy patterns and the order in which you normally engage them.
  • You’ll learn how you compare to norm groups (i.e. Very Low, Low, Moderate, High, Very High).
  • Individual breakout graphs on each pattern and a more detailed summary of the implications of your score.
  • Description of your primary Energy Style, as well as any backup styles to which you have ready access.
  • Your preferences around 24 important Work Behaviors and how those match up to the energy patterns.
  • Identification of Your Energy Risk Area(s), which are your lowest pattern score(s), and how those might show up in your work and life.
  • A comprehensive set of development recommendations, including activities, ways of using your senses, and specific behaviors at work and at play that lead to the kinds of personal and professional change that are often elusive. 
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Focus Energy Balance Indicator

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